Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TOOL # 11.

It is time for us to assess and reflect on learning these 11 technology tools.

I have already downloaded Skype for video conferencing and I would like to use this for one of Science Lessons in near future.

I would also like my students to use Diigo and get themselves acquainted with a tool for highlighting and making sticky notes after reading a text or direction in performing a Science Lab.

I enjoyed and excited to have learned these tools and looking forward to integrating with my Science Curriculum.  
TOOL # 10

It talks about dual citizenship that means that in this digital world the students not only should be protected
of using bad filtered content or wrong websites that can endanger not only a student's education and career but also others.

Students should not be allowed to bypass the systems meant to protect them from using bad content on Internet.

I have been using Brainpop that has good collection of fun games and worksheets easy and enjoyable to learn.

Another program that is meant for students and teachers of SBISD is isafe.org. I would like to introduce to my students this http://isafe.org/ program as it is informative and safe to use.

i safe is dedicated to educating students with safety, responsibly, and productively to use information and technolgy.

TOOL # 9

This is another tool that emphases the use of web 2 applications learning. Using technology or integrating
technology into curriculum makes lesson plans more interesting and interactive. Students are challenged
with their independent learning.

I would make use of my iTune library to download applications that provide fun games with specific
content and concept learning. We can find other devices such as iPod touch/iPad for more applications
and using the following link.

One of the most interesting tools, I found was simulations in Science and I have been using this for 3 years now. It provides simulations in terms of specific Science content and makes learning enjoyable, simple, and easy.

Here is the link to go to Science Simulations


Monday, August 13, 2012

TOOL # 8.

I have to download i tune as IPod touch and iPad require synchronization through i tunes.
I have also not used i Pod touch but I am now at least familiar with iPads and downloading applications.

I will also have the access of webcam in Dell Net books. I can use webcam to produce instructional videos.

I will also have to create certain/specific guidelines for managing the class as students should not try to take
the undue advantage of using these devices.
TOOL # 7

This tool offers various online resources for both types of learning namely, Asynchronous and Synchronous
learning. The online resources include Google Docs, Emails, Online Chat, Video Conferencing, Presentations, voice threading, and others.

I would like to use different resources for the students' independent learning.

They will be involved in completing a project on doing a research on various types
of variables involved in a scientific lab and then distinguish each between them.

Objective: Students will be able to able to learn Testing Variable, Manipulative Variable, Responding Variable and Controlled Variable by testing the growth of a plant in the presence of light and in
the absence of light.

Students will be using networking sites such as blogs, live chat, video conferencing, Google Docs
to interact and learn from peer to peer by sharing their ideas and data from the experiment.

Friday, August 10, 2012

TOOL # 6

Skype is a good application to interact with your students inside a classroom.
I have already registered and the registration is very simple.

It gives the opportunity for everyone to be connected not only verbally but visually as well.
It is really a good networking tool. I have started using it personally and will use it in the classroom.

I found Diigo also very interesting as it helps make sticky notes, highlight , and bookmark besides
join the network exchanging your ideas , views and interactions.

Find above the sample of using one of the Diigo tools (Highlighing)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TOOL # 5

This tool can be useful in presentations as it has many applications that  turn the pictures into
stunning videos and creating it is very simple.

I have created a video using Animoto but that runs for only 30 secs. However, it has stunning effect.
I wish it had run for more than 2 minutes at least but the application providing free version runs for only 30 secs. I tried to upload but I could not upload it from FB.

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.